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Breakfast with Old Friends

We have been so busy reading chicken books (posts about these soon), that Amos, Sophie, and a heard of dinosaurs putting up a stink at bedtime haven’t joined us for breakfast in awhile. It was awesome to have them back this morning. Over cereal and coffee, reading A Sick Day for Amos McGee, Sophie’s Squash and How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night? felt like catching up with old friends. Amos, how are you feeling today? Sophie, did you plant Bonnie and Baxter after they got blotchy, too? Mama, Papa? Any better luck getting those monster reptiles to bed? At the same time, the words and pictures made me nostalgic for my kids at the age when we were reading these books constantly, and it was incredible how quickly each of them (now 4 and 2.5) picked up where we left off–my daughter, the budding fashionista, still admiring Sophie’s jumper, and my son still covering his face with a smirk when it came time for me to give him a kiss, too, at the end of Dinosaurs.

If you haven’t read these books lately, invite them back to your table. It will be fun to reconnect.

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